AF-RS-170 Auto Roller Filter

Flow rate: 750 gph

Footprint: 5 7/8" x 4 3/8"

Height: 17 1/2"

Total Clearance Required: 10 1/4"L x 7 1/4"W

Optimum Operation Water Depth: 4 to 5"
(measured from the bottom of the unit)

Power Supply: 100-240v

Motor: 12v DC


Peace out, filter socks. Enjoy more and do less, the AF-RS-170 Automatic Filter will let you enjoy your aquarium with less maintenance by removing the need to change out your filter socks every few days.

Leaving clogged filter socks in your system for too long increases the chance for food and waste to decay within the filter sock, if the sock is not removed every few days.
The AF-RS-170 eliminates this chance, automatically removing this waste from your water column before it has time to break down.

The AF-RS-170 is fed water through its inlet directly entering its internal chamber, then filtered through the exposed fleece. As water passes the filter fleece begins to clog with detritus, uneaten food, organic waste, etc., the water will rise within the AF-RS-170`s chamber, triggering the water level switch for the motor to wind on the filter roll to a new fresh piece. The water level will then drop and the process will repeat itself until the roll is near its end.


- Clearer Water - Waste has no time to breakdown in the water column, for cleaner and clearer water
- Slide-out Pulley System - Replace your dirty filter fleece roll, easily, just loosen a few screws and slide out the pulleys
- Reduced Maintenance - No need for swapping filter socks every few days
- Suitable for fresh and marine aquariums


- High volume filtration capacity
- Completely replaces the need for filter socks
- Self-assembly for easy cleaning
- Automatic advance of dirty fleece